2020 Annual Banquet – sign up sheet

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FVSC Steak Fry – Sign up sheet by April 25, 2020

Please RSVP on FVSC Facebook www.facebook.com/FoxValleyScubaClub  or
email Jeff at jdspoehr at hotmail.com if you plan on attending by April 25.  


(Guest speaker)
K, Richard & Carol
S, Jeff

Feel free to bring your favorite dish (only suggestions listed below)

asparagus dish
bean dish
cabbage dish
cheese / crackers
desserts: cake / pie / cookies / bars
fruit: berries / melons / oranges / surprise us
guacamole dip / chips
ice cream 1/2 gallon 1 or 2 flavors
ice cream toppings
egg salad
leaf salad
jello surprise
meat / rollup platter
pasta salad
relish tray
shrimp / sauce
surprise dish
vegetable dish (raw or cooked)

Dishes to pass are optional / please list your item when RSVP.

Please RSVP by April 25 to guarantee a “Steak”.  Thank you for your time

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